It’s still somewhere 😂and I’m…

Photo Caption: It’s still #FBF somewhere 😂and I’m missing the New Mexico Badlands a ton… hope I Getta go there soon!
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I always admire all of the images I see @Wayne_Pinkston produce out of the Bisti Badlands and he motivated me to go my 1st time; My 2nd trip here definitely outdid the 1st because I had more time to explore it with @kaydenphan @SMPetersonPhotography & @SafatajPhoto.. We had so much fun coming up with tons of comps..

This particular shot was taken on Monday night although I had scoped it out and we got clouded out on Sunday night… This amazing hoodoo formation can be shot from almost every single direction although a South West direction seems to be better if you want other significant hoodoos in the background. I think these are my final shots of the Milky Way from this trip for this season; I wasn’t willing to accept that it was over last month and i’m glad I didn’t!! Thank you to my adventure partners for humoring me!!

This is 15 images stacked for NR in SLS.. I lit the scene with 2 lume cubes ( and use TRACYLEE for free US Shipping) for the front using CTO filters and a Lighthouse (all available from Lume Cube), and Morteza had his flash firing as a rim light.. I could have used another cube from the back to do the same, but we had the flashes up for other images we did in the evening.

ISO 6400
10 seconds
Processed in LR
Tokina USA 16-28 @ 22mm
Slik USA 634-CF
Canon 6dmk1

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