It’s still somewhere 😂and I’m…

Photo Caption: It’s still #FBF somewhere 😂and I’m missing the New Mexico Badlands a ton... hope I Getta go there soon! —— Repost @tracyleephotos ・・・ I always admire all of the images I see @Wayne_Pinkston produce out of the Bisti Badlands and he motivated me to go my 1st time; My 2nd trip here definitely outdid the 1st because I had more time to explore it with @kaydenphan @SMPetersonPhotography & @SafatajPhoto.. We had so much fun coming up with tons of comps.. --- This particular shot was taken on Monday night although I had scoped it out and we got clouded out on Sunday night... This amazing hoodoo formation can be shot from almost every single direction although a South West direction seems to be better if you want other significant hoodoos in the background. I think these are my final shots of the Milky Way from this trip for this season; I wasn't willing to accept that it was over last month and i'm glad I didn't!! Thank you to my adventure partners for humoring me!! --- This is 15 images stacked for NR in SLS.. I lit the scene with 2 lume cubes ( and use TRACYLEE for free US Shipping) for the front using CTO filters and a Lighthouse (all available from Lume Cube), and Morteza had his flash firing as a rim light.. I could have used another cube from the back to do the same, but we had the flashes up for other images we did in the evening. --- ISO 6400 F2.8 10 seconds Processed in LR Tokina USA 16-28 @ 22mm Slik USA 634-CF Canon 6dmk1

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