Wanna create NFTs??

Wanna create NFTs?? Here’s a quick how-to guide i threw together based on my own experience!

1: Sign up for coinbase. If you use this link we each get $10 in bitcoin. coinbase.com/join/lee_fos?src=ios-link

If you already have it, don’t worry about this step obviously.

2: DEPOSIT USD onto your Coinbase. I suggest at least $1000. Gas is really expensive right now so you’re better off more safe than sorry. The reason I start with this step is because if you’ve never used Coinbase before, it takes 4 to 5 days usually to clear the first time. They will let you buy Ethereum immediately BUT you won’t be able to transfer it. Buy some Ethereum and then wait lol. In the meantime, continue:

3: Download MetaMask wallet. This is where you will end up moving your Ethereum over once you’ve bought it and your Coinbase allows you to. You use your MetaMask wallet for just about everything. SAVE YOUR SEED PHRASE PHYSICALLY, NOT DIGITALLY. IF YOU GET HACKED, THEY WILL FIND IT ON YOUR COMPUTER BECAUSE THEY WILL BE LOOKING FOR IT! Write it down and save it in a SAFE PLACE. NEVER GIVE IT OUT TO ANYONE EVER. This is like handing your purse/wallet to someone, filled with money and expecting them to not touch it.

4: Sign up for opensea.io, and foundation.app . You won’t be able to post on Foundation until you get an invite but at least you will have an account set up. Finding an invite is hard but that’s where a ton of the photographers are currently in NFTs. Foundation charge is a 15% fee of anything you sell (On top of Minting and Listing fees which change depending on how busy the network is). OpenSea only charges 2.5%. So you can get started for very little money on OpenSea. They just charge you an initial listing fee which is based on whatever the current gas prices are. Gas=Transaction Fees on the blockchain. Some blockchains are cheaper on gas than others.

5: Get on Twitter! There are tons of spaces constantly going about NFTs, Crypto, and cross promotion or discussion of your drops. It’s info as well as promo.

Twitter has become super active for the creative community. Don’t be scared to retweet, share, comment, like!

6: Check out www.nfts.tips – It will walk you through essentially everything I just told you with more in depth info and videos.

7: The environmental concerns that people bring up are often inflated and uneducated. It’s targeted because it’s crypto.

I personally buy carbon removal at the rate of 2 to 1 using Nori.com so that no one can say that I’m not being concerned for the environment. I check Carbon.fyi to check my wallet to see how much carbon my transactions are creating and then buy double the carbon removal, in advance.

8: There are a ton of other marketplaces to sell your work out there but most of them you have to apply to and get accepted. There are also a couple other block chains with different crypto available but the route I told you is the one that all the high-end photographers are using.

Kalamint, Hic Et Nunc, and Mintable are other crypto (Tezos and USD) based platforms if you want to check them out, but again, everyone I know is on the Ethereum blockchain. Another Ethereum platform you can get on without applying is Rarible. Soon TryShowtime.com will be able to sell on but you can already mint on it on the Polygon network, which has WAY less fees than Ethereum. I’m looking forward to checking this one out once it’s up.

Other platforms (You need to apply for): SuperRare, Nifty Gateway, Ephimera (photography platform), Known Origin, Maker’s Place and Binance. Coinbase, FTX, and other large crypto marketplaces are now launching NFT marketplaces as well. Crypto.com also has a very large NFT marketplace.

9: SCAMS!!!

There are TONS of them out there so be very careful and protect yourself.

This happened to a super well known artist in the industry. Read this tweet carefully, so it does not happen to you!

Order your Hardware Wallet directly from the manufacturer. Ledger.com is what I use. It’s slower and tedious to use than keeping on your computer but it’s MUCH safer.

DO NOT buy hardware wallets from Amazon. Also, there’s an indepth scam where they hacked Ledger.com for their user base, and sent out brand new modified ledger wallets to Ledger’s customer base. If you didn’t order something and it shows up, be VERY wary.

Hopefully this helps get you started quicker than if you did the research on your own. Let me know if you have any questions!!