3C Create Capture Convert with Chris Record

3C Create Capture Convert with Chris Record I recently was referred to shoot the 3C Conference here in Las Vegas as a last minute job. I met with the client the night before the event was to start to go over what my call time was as well as what I was to wear. I was told I could wear whatever I wanted which meant to me that this was going to be a fun, laid back job, although I knew it would be a lot of work. I shot the preparty on Thursday evening, and then the conference for the next 3 days. I have the ability to wirelessly download images on the fly so I would pick key images as I went along throughout the weekend and upload them to a google drive directory I had set up in advance for the client so they could post to their social media immediately. My personality made a big difference on this job; I spent a lot of time bantering back and forth with the guests as I got them comfortable for the photos. I shot all types of photos during this gig; red carpet party, party photos, candid photos, and more!

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