After Monday's meet up for...

After Monday’s meet up for…

Photo Caption: After Monday’s meet up for @milkywaychasers w/ @tokinausa @slikusa & @hoyafilterusa, I made my way down to San Diego to shoot with @steez_demon… I had been told that shooting at Sunset Cliffs would be difficult because of the light pollution and they were right, but it wasn’t impossible.. I had originally wanted to climb down to the cave down there to try and shoot as it was low tide but even low tide there its quite an effort to get to with all our gear so We decided to hold off for more research.. I spotted this comp before dark and came back here when we got back from grabbing food..

We set up our tripods and I took 10 photos for my foreground and then I ate my food as I waited for the Milky Way to line up to shoot the sky… when it came down to editing these images yesterday, I ended up liking a stacked version instead of this shot, instead of stacked and blended; in spite of the Milky Way not being centered…I had every intention of using my @hoyafilterusa red intensifier here but I had only brought my new @TokinaUSA 16-28 and don’t have a filter to fit it! My preparation was a little off on this one..

Editing of this image was pretty difficult and took a lot of brushing of different parts of the image because of all the lights shining from the street and throwing rays of light into the image… so it’s not my favorite but I’m glad I was still able to capture the MW here..

ISO 6400
20 Seconds
10 images stacked in SLS for NR
Processed in LR & PS
@tokinausa 16-28mm
@slikusa 634-CFL
@canonusa 6dmk1

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Photo taken at: Sunset Cliffs, San Diego

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