I am up obsessed and...

I am up obsessed and…

Photo Caption: I am up obsessed and enamored with this place; the New Mexico Badlands have my heart for sure! I ended up out here on this other world with a fabulous crew of people on a weeklong adventure; exploring during the day and shooting photos into the early evening each night.. There are endless composition possibilities and I can’t wait to go explore more; Milky Way season is almost upon us again… This was my goodbye MilkyWay 2017 series!
Thank you to @smpetersonphotography @safatajphoto & k Phan for the awesome adventures!
I lit the foreground using 2 Lumecube.com/160.html (use code TRACYLEE for free US Shipping) and for everyone wondering I almost ALWAYS bounce the light off a nearby wall rather than a direct light…
13 seconds
20 images stacked in Starry Landscape Stacker for Noise Reduction
Processed in LR
@tokinausa 16-28mm @ 17mm
@slikusa 634-CFL
@canonusa 6DMK1

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