It’s really amazing to me…

Photo Caption: It's really amazing to me how many photos that I took that I haven't edited yet from this past Milky Way Season!! I took this one on my trip to Sawtooth lake with @matthewsavillephoto and crew of other photographers. This was on the very last night we were there and we decided to hike down to the lake side so that we could shoot the Milky Way at Blue Hour and then find a place to camp down there. We were out there that week for the 2017 Total Eclipse and were lucky to even be there because they had closed off the road just after we made it through... It was such an amazing trip and one I'm so glad I went on because I ALMOST didn't! This was also my 1st trip with my 6dMK1 and the first night's photos were all shot in JPG!! Oh no!! So I was determined on the 2nd night to get these shots.. Who doesn't love the pinks in a Blue hour Milky way??? I have more compositions from later in the evening heading your way too!! ----- ISO 8000 F2.8 20 seconds 10 images stacked in SLS for NR @TokinaUSA 11-20 2.8 at 20mm @SlikUSA 634-CFL @CanonUSA 6dMK1 Processed in LR ----

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