So this was a very…

Photo Caption: So this was a very interesting night.. we got to kanab to meet up with @milkywaymodel to go shoot, but since she wasn’t feeling well, we took off to find a comp without her.. —- We had delayed too long chatting before we took off, didn’t pay attention to the weather and drove almost an hr out to toadstools. When we stepped out of the car and lightning struck above our heads, we realized we could no longer see the Milky Way and had driven into the heart of the storm. We hightailed it out if there and back towards kanab... @missjessbess had known of these abandoned buildings along the way so we decided to check them out. Milky Way had long since disappeared behind the clouds so we were left to storm chase at this point; something neither of us are very experienced at.. —— We walked through fields of cow shit to get to this saloon and set up our shot.. All sorts of weird noises were coming from the field next to us which worried us (and I had my SIG in my pocket too) but we got to setting up lights and shooting photos before the storm caught up to us.. I kept hoping the clouds to the south would clear so I could get Milky Way and lightning but no such luck. I used a (use code TRACYLEE for free US shipping) from the right to light up the building and placed one (very carefully) in the front door of the saloon... —— This image is 2 shots blended for the lightning strikes and 2 shots stacked for the foreground from the same exact location.. I always want to stack more than that but I couldn’t decide whether shooting the lightning was more important or running shots for the foreground. Turns out I did things just right; as Jess came back from running to the car (and getting lost on the way back) lightning struck directly overhead and rain started pouring and we grabbed our shit and ran back to the Jeep! —— Foreground 2 images stacked ISO 6400 F5.0 30 seconds —— Lightning 2 images blended ISO 400 F5.0 30 seconds —- Processed in LR & PS — @slikusa 634-CF @canonusa 24-70 @ 24 — #tracylee #tracyleephotos #tracyleephotography #slikusa #canonusa #canonbringit #teamcanon #teamslik #shootslik #litbylume #lumecube  #lightning #tempestchasers #stormchasers

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