Well, some of you may…

Photo Caption: Well, some of you may know that my gear went swimming in the Eastern Sierras a few months back and my dumb ass didn’t put the waterproof caps on my Lume Cubes; you can assume they’re paper weights on my desk now. Christmas came early this year and Lume Cube sent a super awesome care package to me (sorry, been trying to get this video up for a while) and now I’m completely set for on the go portable lighting; To any who I go shoot with in the near future, lucky you!! 😜😜
I can’t WAIT to test out the #LumeCubeAir which is their newest set of lights. Stay tuned for my thoughts on them!
Pick up your own Set of cubes for the holidays and be set for next MW Season at Lume cube.com/160.html and use code TRACYLEE for free US shipping!

Thank you @lumecube SOOOOOO MUCH for the new gear, and thank you everyone else for the support and for watching!! Oh yeah and go give them a follow because they throw contests ALL THE TIME to give these babys out!!

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