I finally made it out…

Photo Caption: I finally made it out to see the infamous frozen bubbles up in the Canadian Rockies during last weeks #LadiesRetreat sponsored by @bhphoto and hosted by @rachel_jones_ross… crazy thing is we thought the lake was going to be under snow and it wasn’t till we were passing the general area that we saw next to no snow on the ground; Rachel said, what do you guys think and without hesitation we said, “let’s go!”.. Can’t say that the timing or the skies were in our favor, but I’m happy I at least got to make it to a place I’ve been wanting to see for a very long time!
This is a 2 image focus stack; one for the foreground and one for the mountains and sky… I also lit the bubbles from the right to give a little depth and shadow using my new #LumeCube Air! (Use code TRACYLEE10 for 10% off and free US Shipping)

ISO 100
20 seconds
@tokinausa 24-70 @ 40mm
@slikusa pro 500 DXS mini tripod (use code LEE20 for 20% off!)
@canonusa 5DMK4
Processed in LR &PS..

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