Yesterday was such an amazing…

Photo Caption: Yesterday was such an amazing experience on the @bhphoto sponsored #GirlsWeekOut!! @rachel_jones_ross took us to @northernlightswolfcentre where we took off on a hike with the wolves running free through a canyon.. before anyone gets upset, understand these wolves have been raised with humans since they were babies... they get to run free all the time and when at the sanctuary, they have large enclosures they live in. In canada it is illegal to release them out into the wild, and even if it was legal, these wolves have never had to fend for themselves. Don’t mistake them for dogs though, they are still fierce animals and live off recently killed meat.. the @northernlightswolfcentre had very specific rules on how to handle each wolf to keep us safe from injury.. —- Flora here is extremely friendly and liked to play with all of us.. Murphy who also came along was more aloof.. Time flew so quickly and 1000 photos later, our time with the wolves had come to an end but not before getting personal photos with Flora.. then it was back to the sanctuary where we had a talk about the history of the wolves and the sanctuary.. all and all it was so awesome to experience and I would suggest it to anyone who comes up for one of Rachel’s workshops... head to for more info about her upcoming all-female workshop! —- ISO 100 F2.8 1/1250 second @canonusa 70-200 @canonusa 6DMK1

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