I know I just recently…

Photo Caption: I know I just recently posted this.. but 2 months ago when I took it, the world was a very different place. Can we please go back? #TBT #throwbackthursday

What’s the farthest you’ve gone for a photo, spontaneously on a whim?? Did it pay off?

On Wed morning, I was in S. Iceland getting up to head to some tours that I had booked. I had a location that I wanted to visit& knew that if I didn’t go that day, I might not get there at all on the trip. When I got to the end of the hotel driveway, I could turn left for the tours I paid for, or right for the once in a lifetime spot.

The weather looked to be ok, but I hadn’t even researched if Aurora was forecast in the area that night; I just felt an instinct to go there. So I turned right & spent the next few hours of 8 wondering if I had made the wrong decision &if I should turn back. The farther I drove, the more clear the skies became & I kept on my route. I made some stops for photos, I scanned the radio for music, & navigated some of the most treacherous roads I had ever seen in my life to get there by about 3:30pm.

I shot some photos, the sunset, left my tripod &headed to the hotel in town to warm up & grab a bite to eat.

The owner of the hotel was so kind &went out of his way to cook me a hot meal that wasn’t pizza or burgers.It was shaping up to be a good night for the aurora; I planned on waiting in the car all night if I had to but after taking a test shot, I knew that it had already started.

I was like a kid in a candy store; I could slightly see the colors of green with my eyes, whereas my camera picked them up oh so brightly. I didn’t know until yesterday that it got down to about 0ºF but made sense as I was pacing back&forth to keep warm. I let my camera keep shooting while i checked into the hotel & warmed up a bit before shooting 3 more comps.

20 images stacked in SLS for foreground
4 blended for sky
ISO 1000 (It was underexposed- go higher!)
5 seconds

Accidentally had my LCD too bright so my images were under exposed. Thankful for good dynamic range!

@tokinausa 11-20 2.8 @ 16mm
@slikusa 734cf
@canonusa 5dMK4
@tenbabags axis 32L

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