I need to get some...

I need to get some…

Photo Caption: #TBT #ThrowbackThursday I need to get some more time in on my tracker; perhaps with ORION!!

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Taken w/ my new Slik USA ECH-630 star tracker…

I caught a flight back to LA from Portland on Sunday, grabbed my girl @XO_Anhie and took off to Mammoth Lakes, CA. Original plan was to backpack into the mountains to hit some glacial lakes with @StevenJMagner and his buddy @LAHikes, but since I was fighting off a cold from the night in Crater Lake, and the weather was looking really bad (Rain snow & 28 degree weather), Anh and I decided to detour to Lone Pine where it would be clear &much warmer instead.

We hit 3 hot springs in Mammoth before we headed down, &then got side tracked by an arch I hadn’t seen before in AH.. It was getting dark so we found a spot to camp & settled in for a nap. We didn’t sleep very much because the wind decided to kick up like a banshee; we were worried to leave the tent when we left to shoot so we tied rocks to it &prayed for the best.

We got to Mobius arch for my 1st night shoot there ever (after hitting the 1st arch for a bit) around 1 am & JUST missed the light of the moon on the foreground. Lucky for us, no one was there! I had some time before the sky darkened so I set up the tracker Slik had sent me to test out. I used the large peep hole to find Polaris, & then fine tuned using a laser ( thank you @drdarius7) through the small peep hole. It was actually pretty quick but this was my 3rd time trying. Foreground I lit using 2 Lumecube.com/160.html (use code TRACYLEE for free US Shipping)

My fave part of the MW is so prominent now- #rhoophiuchi

SKY- single image
ISO 800
F 2.8
180 seconds

Foreground 10 images stacked in SLS for NR
ISO 1600
30 seconds

@TokinaUSA 16-28 @ 24
@SlikUSA 634-CF
@CanonUSA 6DMK1
Processed in LR & PS
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