I stopped by here last…

Photo Caption: I stopped by here last weekend in the morning… I love coming here whether I shoot the Milky Way or not…
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Last weekend I hosted an impromptu end of season @MilkyWayChasers meet up at Trona Pinnacles with an awesome turnout; Thank you again everyone!! Since we were driving all the way to California for it, @SaolyBensonPhoto and I took off a day early so that we could hit some spots in the Eastern Sierras to shoot Milky Way and Fall color before heading down to meet with the group. I had been wanting to shoot at this location since last year after @Prevailz had mentioned it to me.

As we were driving up the 395, the skies were super cloudy but my trusty weather website, noaa.gov promised that the skies would clear up in time. We didn’t feel a sense of urgency to make it here by sunset because it was so overcast we thought for sure it was going to be a crappy sunset.. Boy, were we wrong!!! Not only was it one of the best sunsets ever, the skies cleared up JUST in time for me to get this shot of the alignment.

What is crazy is that I thought i had messed up this shot and was going to have to composite a later Milky Way in, or just deal with a shot that didn’t have the MW in alignment… Going back through my images, I had done a vertical pano at the exact perfect time. The sky, the upper part of the pano, was taken 15 minutes after the foreground was taken.

I don’t usually shoot night sky with my @canonusa 24-70 but I wanted a bigger MW so my foreground was taken at 35mm. I was kicking myself as I realized I would get trailing in my MW at the settings I wanted, so for the sky I switched to 27mm. I would have rather kept them the same focal length but I had already messed up and couldn’t go back to get the incredible foreground color this one has.

8 Images stacked in SLS for NR
ISO 6400
15 seconds
@CanonUsa 24-70 @ 27mm
@SlikUsa 634-CF
@CanonUsa 6dmk1
Processed in LR & PS

15 Images stacked in PS for NR
ISO 6400
3.2 seconds
@CanonUsa 24-70 @ 35mm
Processed in LR & PS

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