A few weeks ago, I...

A few weeks ago, I…

Photo Caption: A few weeks ago, I headed out on an epic adventure to meet up with @missjessbess @megavai @whiskeybowen & @ryantoswald… We decided to meet on a Friday up in Idaho at Craters of The Moon.. So on the way up, I made a stop at these charcoal ovens that I had previously scouted on another trip..
There was only 30 minutes of Milky Way or so this night before the moon began to rise so I knew I had to work fast… I lit the inside with my cellphone light, and the outside with a single LumeCube.com/160.html (Use code TRACYLEE for free shipping) I didn’t move fast enough on this particular comp (due to an unruly bush in the way) to catch the dark horse nebula before heading behind the kiln..
This is 20 images STACKED in SLS for NR
ISO 10000
10 seconds
Processed in LR
@tokinausa 24-70 @ 28mm
@slikusa 634-CF
@canonusa 6dMK1

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