to November of last year…

Photo Caption: #TBT to November of last year and I was exploring the deserts of the SW with friends.. — Repost: I headed off on a 6 day adventure with @KaydenPhan in tow on Saturday evening... She spontaneously joined and we were off within a couple hours.. Our destination?? New Mexico to meet up with @smpetersonphotography & @safatajphoto .. We've just spent the last 3 days with next to no phone service exploring all kinds of hoodoo areas, both known and ones we discovered on google maps.. It was such an awesome time and the adventures are far from over! We're heading to Page now to meet up with a few more photographers and continue the fun.. Season's not over till the fat lady sings I always say, and we're milking her for everything she's got! --- This was taken yesterday evening; the foreground shot around 6pm and the sky about 20 minutes later... I had wanted to get a blue hour milky way and do a stacked image only, but because the sun went down right where the Milky Way rose I wasn't able to get anything that looked great.. So I stacked and blended 15 images for the foreground and 15 for the sky in starry landscape stacker. I used 2 Lume Cubes ( and use code TRACYLEE for free US Shipping) to light the area with Lighthouse and CTO filters on them. The hoodoos themselves were different colors so that's why they are different colors in the image. I bounced the light off a set of hoodoos off to the left. --- All images both foreground and sky: ISO 6400 F 2.8 10 seconds Tokina USA 16-28 @ 19mm Slik USA 635-CF Canon 6dmk1 Processed in LR & PS --- #tracylee #tracyleephotos #tracyleephotography #slikusa #canonusa #tokinausa #canonbringit #teamcanon #teamtokina #teamslik #shootslik #sliktripods #mycanonstory #newmexico #bistibadands #longexposure_shots #nightshooters #nightpics #milkywaygalaxy #astrophotography #astrophoto #astro_photography_ #astro_photography #longexposure #longexpohunter #lumecube #capture4cubes #litbylume

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