to a dark cold night…

Photo Caption: #TBT to a dark cold night... #Repost I had an amazing trip back and forth all over Oregon last week with @smpetersonphotography @amymichelle4 @safatajphoto @drdarius7 and many more I met along the way! —- On Thursday I took off with @drdarius7 in search of MW Comps.. on Friday we hit waterfalls, hot springs, and then the incredible and amazing Crater Lake... we got there in time for exploring & sunset... we started at Disco Point and hiked along the rim looking for a spot that was far enough NW to be able to get this shot without having to hike all the way to the Watchman. We found this point about a mile and a half in and decided that it was our comp! —- We napped in the car for a bit until about 1030 and then hiked to our spot.. while we were setting up our cameras and getting focus, we couldn’t believe it but we heard voices approaching. They must have seen our lights because they turned away although we heard them nearby throughout the night. Turns out through social media, @pnw.zack figured out it was us out there that night, lol... —- I was having issues with focusing my camera and after opening it up and checking the sensor, I determined there was a residue on the mirror; I cleaned it off as best as I could, got my camera focused and then started shooting. @drdarius7 had already been shooting a while by this time.. I’m anal about my panos with tons of overlap so this 168 image stacked shot took a couple hours to shoot in the freezing cold.. this is a 2 row vertical pano; top row has 14 frames of 10 stacked images each and bottom row has 14 frames of 2 three minute exposures each.. I stacked all images in Starry Landscape Stacker and then amazingly enough, Lightroom EASILY put together the entire pano in about 2 minutes. I thought I I was going to have to blend top and bottom in PS.. - This image is cropped by Instagram and the entire image is actually a lot wider.. and looks way better lol... —— Sky 10 stacked images per frame ISO 10000 F2.8 10 seconds — Foreground 2 stacked images per frame ISO 2000 F2.8 180 seconds —- @tokinausa 16-28 @ 24 @slikusa 634-cf @canonusa 6DMK1 - #tracylee #tracyleephotos #tracyleephotography #slikusa

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