I’m on the plane home…

Photo Caption: I’m on the plane home from Iceland, and damn if I didn’t have an amazing time… my #1 bucket list trip for years did not disappoint, in spite of some hiccups at the beginning of it.. I saw so many wonderful things and went so many wonderful places; whatever popped in my head, I went and did. Including taking off to the northern most tip of Iceland through some of worst and most treacherous roads and conditions I have ever seen in my life; but I’m here to share the photos and tell the tale although I feel things were questionable at some points lol…

In my journey north, I stopped at an amazing spa called @GeoSeaIceland and took an hr to enjoy the soothing waters and breathtaking views..

I’m still catching up on stories from the week- so please check them out as I feel they tell such an amazing story of this epic country, from my point of view.. thank you to everyone who has reached out, shared your suggestions, and just shown support… this trip was seriously a dream come true! I may try to put together some videos from the week but I have so much content to go through; hope I don’t bore you!

Here’s some key words to describe my trip: northern lights, aurora, waterfalls, horses, snow, tundra, icy roads, sunsets, sunrises, kind locals, vestrahorn, skogafoss, godafoss, stone henge, adventures, basalt columns, hot springs, friendly people, icebergs, Diamond beach, glaciers, geysers, black sand beaches, photographs, ice caves, bridges, ice shards, reindeer, and much much more..

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