What are your regrets for…

Photo Caption: What are your regrets for this milkyway season? Mine is not getting out more to shoot because of the pandemic or getting any editing done! #FBF i haven’t shot nearly as much this season- hoping to next week! Here’s a shot from June 2017 for #flashbackfriday!
Since most of June was spent on a shooting range, instead of shooting photos, this session I have been a little desperate to get some good shots… On my way home from LA Wednesday afternoon, I decided to find a good spot to shoot the Milky Way and wait out her appearance a few hours.. I drove around on dirt roads just last Barstow and then decided I would like to be closer to Vegas so I kept going more towards Baker.. I had this house pinned on my maps for over a year now but had never gotten close enough to explore it.. Well that day was the day and with my gun close at hand, I spent the sunset exploring the house and the surrounding ones as well.. The house has a dark basement below it which was part of the reason for my carrying my weapon. That and being a female in the middle of the desert alone…

I shot a couple different compositions before calling it a night at 11:00pm.. I used 2 Lumecubes (use code TRACYLEE10 for 10% off and free US shipping); one to light inside and 1 to light outside.. I ALWAYS try to bounce the light if I can and I did that with both lights in this instance.. pretty stoked with how this one came out!

ISO 6400
10 images stacked in SLS for NR
@tokinausa 11-20 2.8
@slikusa 634-CFL
@canonusa 70d

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