Spontaneous Refraction

Spontaneous trips are my wheelhouse and taking off to Los Angeles on a whim the day after the Fourth of July to shoot photos with friends is not surprising to anyone who knows me.
I had seen many breathtaking images come out of this curvy, mountainous road, as it’s a popular Southern California location for photographers. I have always wanted to throw my own twist onto it, so a short 4 hours to LA and it was soon my turn.
I began capturing this soon after sunset, so the horizon still showed the colors as the sun blew her kisses and said goodbye. It wasn’t long until the stars were twinkling hello, as they woke from their slumber to light up the night sky.
The curves here are so pleasing to the eye and to include both the trails from the cars as well as the stars to create this Spontaneous Refraction of light, has been an exciting journey for me after all of these years.

Available on https://foundation.app/@tracylee/~/64402

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